Hope & Glory

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5 October - 31 October

Hope & Glory features work by Earl Tutty, Anna Church and Lester Hall.

Lester Hall’s art is always visually stimulating and very thought provoking. He describes himself as a long time outsider artist and social commentator on the evolving identity of Aotearoa. His art is provocative, intelligent, and investigative.

In the past Earl Tutty’s work has often drawn on nostalgia, personal or universal. He is well known for working across a variety of genres, from pop styled renderings endowed with witty or provoking substance, to landscape and gestural portraiture. The recent earthquakes severely damaged Earl’s studio and home making painting difficult. In an attempt to brighten up his surroundings he started buying bunches of lilies and soon noticed the beautiful colour, detail and abstract shapes in each bloom. The results of his observations and the recording of images taken on his phone make up the photos in his latest collection.

Anna Church, as a freelance interior stylist working for a number of leading New Zealand magazines and homeware brands, has carved a niche for herself as an expert in creating the visual manifestation of an idea. Anna’s work explores New Zealand culture and history through sculptural assemblage. Iconic objects from iconic images, Vintage Crown Lynn ceramics, a Jackie Howe singlet, and vintage wallpaper all emerge and create unique artworks.

This fascinating group show is tremendously diverse so take an afternoon off and drive out to Little River Gallery & Café where you’ll refresh your body, soul and mind.





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