Hannah Kidd

HannahKidd2012 WEBvite 4
16 June - 11 July

Heavy Petting

Most folk have normal healthy relationships with animals and their pets.

For others the owner/pet dependence is skewed, resulting in the 'owner' having expectations that the pet that may not be able to fulfil.

Some of the pieces were inspired by videos on youtube, others from creepy stories I've been told, art history or memories and images from my childhood. Hannah Kidd

Famous Spanish astronomer Sepia Pluto could not believe her eyes, when, whilst looking through her telescope to observe the recent Transit of Venus, she saw a monkey on a pig’s back, then a chameleon, apes and snakes, rats, guinea pigs, a poodle…………………….all scurrying across the sun’s surface.

“I must breath slowly and control my inner mind”, she thought. It’s nigh on impossible when viewing Hannah’s work to stop the outer lips reaching for the stars.

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