David Lloyd - Never Mind the Weather

1 November - 28 November

There are certain things in our day to day lives that we just have to do, “ Never mind the weather “ Getting in wood for the winter fire, shopping and paying bills. The seasons come and go with all the ferocity nature can chuck at us sometimes, we like our animal friends just have to carry on.

As I watch a pair of starlings building their nest one wintry morning as the rain and wind lashed against the bedroom window, making it difficult for them even to fly , they returned frequently with beaks full of nesting materials......They don't worry about the weather. Watching seabirds as they search for food on the stormy ocean buffeted by high winds and huge waves. They don't worry about the weather either, they carry on regardless.

We have all been through a lot of stuff in the last couple of years, and have been forced to make changes and accept life as it is now with all its complex issues and compounded difficulties.

We too have to carry on.” Never mind the weather”

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