Cut Out

GillHay14 WEBvite
14 March - 9 April

Gill's previous exhibition, ‘Land Force’, at Little River Gallery was a reflection on her experience of the Christchurch earthquakes. Gill chose to go back to basics and draw the land using a monochromatic palette.

Two years on, ‘Cut Out’ is the title of her current show, different in every way. The works are domestic in subject, vibrantly coloured and 3 dimensional in form.  “The shapes are cut out of hardboard and painted with oil paint. The works are mounted to sit out from the wall so they appear 3D to allow interesting shadows to reveal themselves. The shapes like 2 chairs stacked together are cut out then painted to give the illusion of 3 dimensions . Other shapes include a stack of brightly coloured bowls, a knife fork and spoon , a man in a suit and a young child's dress.”

“For me the challenge has been taking just the objects shape and using colour to define the form in a way that differs from painting on canvas, to allow the background and position of the object to be all involved in creating a successful composition.”

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