Changing Stories

3 August - 30 August

Tim Wraight and Ché Vincent - Changing Stories

Both Tim Wraight and Ché Vincent live in the Motueka region in the top of the South Island, an area of diverse landscapes and environments from which to draw inspiration for their work.

 Tim’s carved wooden work for ‘Changing Stories’ exhibition explores the traditions associated with the reverence given to relics and remains, using the cultural practices of making intricate containers that different cultures fashion to hold these precious objects, Maori wakahuia (treasure boxes) and wakatupapaku (bone boxes) and European reliquaries which held the bones of saints, are the starting point for these pieces. Found remains of creatures and objects from the natural environment in his home area. Tim has constructed stories around fictional and whimsical; taking an object and giving it a new narrative and honouring its previous existence.

Ché’s work for this exhibition is formed by his passion for botany and natural processes; exploring the patterns created by plant forms by the way water changes and repeats a flow pattern by decay and renewal. He uses recycled copper panels through a process of serendipitous experimentation. Ché has developed a fluid and intuitive approach and has developed methods of melting, beating, bending, and fusing copper into organic forms. Copper is a lovely metal to work with; malleable and enduring with a beautiful cast of warm colours.

Full description of Tim Wraight's artwork:


Little Shag’s Dreamboat

Totara wood, found bone, seaweed


A Relic of Sally Morton, the Child Pirate of Massacre Bay

Who ran away from her missionary parents on their arrival in Massacre Bay, New Zealand. Taken in by Ngati Apa, she obtained a small sailing vessel, and with her crew of runaway children, wreaked mischief and occasional robbery on passing ships. Sadly in 1813 her vessel the ‘Tamariki’ foundered on Farewell Spit, and all the crew were saved expect for their captain Sally Morton.

Totara wood, found bone, seaweed


Pikikirunga Wakahuia

Totara wood, found Moa bone, moss


The Billy Kid who dreamed that one day his soul would leap amongst the stars of the Milky Way

Totara wood, Rimu wood, Kauri wood, found bone, paint


Collection Box, Powelliphanta Flotsam

Found box, Totara wood, found shells, paint


Kaitiaki o Te Wai Inu

Totara wood, paint, glass, water


Hua Taniwha – Dragon Egg

Found brass, Ostrich eggshell, Matai wood, stones


Pukeko lived its life in the mud ungracefully, and died in the mud defiantly

Found brass, found bone, Matai wood, Totara wood, Oioi reeds

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