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Veronika Maser Entwine

 Having moved from Switzerland in 1992 where I spent some time creating miniature models as a display artist before embarking on a wide range of hand made objects and then in 1999 moving in to career as a full-time artist. I have exhibited widely nationally and internationally.


Entwined: My woven, twisted and formed wire works show influences of patterns and layers emerging in the microbial world. I

t has been my passion cultivating foods through fermentation. Trillions of good bacteria are created. The intriguing life of microbes has become my influence. the exceptional growth is loaded with life, I am intrigued by its physical and metaphysical expression. Abundance of health can be experienced through consuming and embracing it as part of life.Learning more about the life of Bacteria and its culture it is fascinating to recognise in good and bad and fostering the good in cultures will reap man benefits for growth and unity.

Layers of patterns in my work create a moving landscape that takes place on its microcosmic level. Drawn to the stillness and introspective side of oval shapes, it is a favourable choice that evokes comfort in me.

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Lilly Maetzig,  Veronika Maser

Friday 5 Sep 2014 - Tuesday 30 Sep 2014