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Sam Mahon Bastards & Dearly Beloved

I was born in 1954 on a cold morning in July. It was raining and someone was playing The Basin Street Blues. My father imagined a career for me which included playing for the All Blacks, graduating from Harvard with a doctorate in constitutional law, and spending my evenings drinking gin in a house designed by Miles Warren.

I let him down. I went to Art School instead. After two highly confusing years, they threw me out. Oddly, since leaving, I have done nothing but paint, sculpt, etch and write.

My public works include The Southern Man at Dunedin airport, Mackenzie in Fairley, Regret in the Christchurch Botanical gardens, and The Fool at the Christchurch Arts Centre. I have written three books; The Year of the Horse (Montana best first book) The Water Thieves and My Father’s Shadow. My latest work was a poetic collaboration with Mozart fellow Chris Adams, the Auckland Philharmonic and Stuart Devenie, and was performed at the 2011 Auckland Readers and Writers festival, ‘Works with Words’.

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