Artist: Michael Springer

Artist Profile

winner of the Otago Art Society Edinburgh Art Awards 2016

Michael Springer

The artist has deliberately avoided providing information about the pieces, or even an artist's statement, effectively forcing viewers to look for their own interpretations.

Springer's works are parades of grotesques, humanoid and animal forms filling the picture space in cheek-to-jowl displays. The images are painted in bold, earthy tones and using strong black delineations. The paint is forcefully applied, the textures of the surface often dictating the interplay of colour and form.

The surrealistic pieces show the influences of many artists - here Giger, there McCahon, further on Basquiat. Despite this, Springer has created a whole from the many parts, producing a distinctive style of nightmare bestiary.

Springer’s artistic career is relatively fresh, and his works have been quickly developing since his recent spate of nationwide activity. Located in rural Banks Peninsular, Springer has adopted a primitivism in his work that is nonetheless guided by painterly sophistication. The intuitive painting process turns fluid shapes and colours into archetypal figures that form a homologous surface. Since the start of 2015, Springer has held solo exhibitions in Christchurch, Auckland and Dunedin, and taken out first place in the Edinburgh Art Awards in Dunedin.

Artist Exhibitions

Michael Springer

Thursday 9 Jun 2016 - Wednesday 6 Jul 2016