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Lynn Taylor

I approach my art practice with a printmaker’s sensibility working across print, digital, textile, paint and written mediums. I am interested in mastering specifics within discipline traditions and then work at pushing the boundaries of this learning to create objects and surfaces that evoke or invite viewers to touch.  (This is why I had to indulge in a little bookmaking for this exhibition!)

My body of work for ‘Taylormade’ is disparate as I return to making artwork after recovering from breast cancer. This has been a struggle due to memory loss and damaged fine coordination skills.  I had to begin sewing with a pair of pliers and a huge needle and have found myself responding obsessively to regain skills by, for example, sewing on many buttons.  Appropriately the underlying current in my previous art works was concerned with the mapping of memory and erasure. I feel my working process now performs this concept and while these works are fragmented each piece is layered with history, stories part told and one or two even sneak in my favourite theme of the sea.

Graduating in 1984 with a Bachelor of Education I focused my early career on specialist art teaching.  In 1998 I graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Dunedin School of Art) followed by a Master of Fine Arts (distinction).  To date these two streams of art practitioner and teacher intertwine through involvement with the Dunedin School of Art, through art residencies and teaching workshops and working from my home based ‘Lighthouse Studio’. I have exhibited in New Zealand, Australia, Scotland, Japan and the United States. My work is held in numerous collections and has received a number of awards. 


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Helen Taylor,  Lynn Taylor

Saturday 26 Jan 2013 - Tuesday 19 Feb 2013