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Kathryn Furniss

Kathryn was born in England but came to Nelson New Zealand as a small child.
Growing up with an artistic father she was encouraged to try different forms of craft
before settling in to painting after the birth of her second ten years ago.
Kathryn mainly works in acrylic with layers of colour and texture incorporating a
range of medium to give the viewer a feel of depth.
Inspired by Pacific lifestyle landscape and objects her latest works have seen her
exploring the human figure.
In the past ten years she has had numerous successfull exhibitions throughout
New Zealand with her work in many private collections near and afar
Kathryn has also been exploring other mediums to produce a range of garden
sculpture and laser cut jewellery.
Recent design commissions include designing and manufacturing a range of
limited edition jewellery for W.O.W World of Wearable Art.
She works from her home/studio an historic house on the main road 5 minutes walk
from the waterfront and 15 minutes walk from Nelson City

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Kathryn Furniss

Friday 20 Feb 2015 - Wednesday 18 Mar 2015

Kathryn Furniss

Thursday 18 Feb 2016 - Wednesday 16 Mar 2016

John Emery,  Kathryn Furniss

Wednesday 11 Jan 2017 - Wednesday 8 Feb 2017