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Gill Hay Cut Out


Lying in bed and looking at the view out of my bedroom windows each morning was the initial inspiration for this series of work.The view is always different and waking and looking at it each day does feel like  the landscape and sky are a continually changing stage set. It is always different influenced by weather, light and season. Sometimes partially hidden by curtains  and sometimes framed by them.

My work here attempts to explore the concept of staged views and hidden views. It incorporates both my love of fabric and the landscape. I have also played with more traditional concepts of objects on stage.

This exhibition also includes ceramic work. The painted surfaces play on ideas from some more traditional floral curtain fabrics. The bowls and platters were made by Cheryl Lucas.

Cut Out

 ‘Cut Out’ is the title of her current show, different in every way. The works are domestic in subject, vibrantly coloured and 3 dimensional in form.  “The shapes are cut out of hardboard and painted with oil paint. The works are mounted to sit out from the wall so they appear 3D to allow interesting shadows to reveal themselves. The shapes like 2 chairs stacked together are cut out then painted to give the illusion of 3 dimensions . Other shapes include a stack of brightly coloured bowls, a knife fork and spoon , a man in a suit and a young child's dress.”

“For me the challenge has been taking just the objects shape and using colour to define the form in a way that differs from painting on canvas, to allow the background and position of the object to be all involved in creating a successful composition.”

Land Force

The force of what happened last year and the power of the land affected us all. The repercussions pervades life and these paintings are my reaction to the hills that surround my Lyttelton home and the power they have.

I made a conscious decision to go back to basics and just draw this land, using a monochromatic palette.

Included in this exhibition is a part of a painting that was damaged and this became my departure point for this show. On a purely practical level every time I started painting on stretched canvas at my easel  there was another shake and the painting would fall and rip. So I just took pieces of canvas pinning them straight on the walls where they couldn't fall off and began.

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Gill Hay

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Gill Hay

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