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Country mouse

David Lloyd Wayside and Woodland


Born in London 1949

Emigrated to NZ in 1972

I am fascinated as always by the complex structures that nature has given us, the amazing design of insects wings, the root structure of trees, and a simple birds nest all designed for strength and durability...Watching a small bird make its nest we take for granted, but the preparation the planning and collecting of nest building materials, weaving the structure as birds instinctively do  would be a mammoth task for a small creature. Equivalent to building a sleep-out in ones garden....

Another fascination for me this year has been the discovery of " Steam Punk "I have created several works using the idea. My work takes on a mechanical, industrial look and I will pursue it with interest...

After a short visit to the UK this year, I returned feeling enthusiastic and inspired and ready to start work for "Wayside and Woodland". I have enjoyed exploring and creating for this exhibition.

David Lloyd

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David Lloyd

Thursday 1 Nov 2012 - Wednesday 28 Nov 2012

David Lloyd

Thursday 31 Oct 2013 - Wednesday 27 Nov 2013

Blanche Fryer,  David Lloyd,  Ashley Smith

Friday 11 Jul 2014 - Wednesday 6 Aug 2014