Artist: Alec Tayler

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Alec Tayler

Alec is a self-taught artist with a passion for landscapes, light and life. Growing up on the coast he developed a love of art and things artistic early on. Recently making the move to being a full-time artist is the realisation of a long-held dream.

Like any artist, Alec starts by searching for those evocative scenes, waiting for the right light and mood and then capturing it. Alec is a digital artist – instead of a blank canvas and paintbox, he starts with a blank screen and uses a pen tablet that allows him to paint on-screen. The pen works like a paint brush, and Alec starts by sketching out the scene, using his memory, and the photographs he has taken of the scene as reference material. Each colour used in the scene is painted onto a separate layer (there can be as many as 50) working from the lightest to the darkest. Look closely and you can see the many small brushstrokes that make up a picture - it is slow work, taking up to 6 weeks to complete a scene. Each artwork is strictly limited to a total print run of only 180 plus a few artist’s proofs. Alec numbers and signs each print individually and he keeps a register recording the details relating to each print sold.


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